Thirteenth International Conference on Grey Literature


Grey Literature is a field in library and Information science that deals with the production, distribution, and access to multiple document types produced on all levels of government, academics, business, and organization in electronic and print formats not controlled by commercial publishing i.e. where publishing is not the primary activity of the producing body.

‘From Social Networking to Wealth Creation’
Library of Congress, Washington D.C. USA, 5-6 December 2011

GL13 Announcement,

Social networking is the way the grey literature community remains connected
in the 21st century. It encompasses a range of social media and
communication tools that enable subject based communities to create, review,
process, publish, and make grey literature openly accessible to public
domain. Social networking is not new to grey literature, in fact it is
inherent to this field of information. What’s new however are the
technologies available to global grey literature communities in developing,
monitoring, and sustaining valued information resources and services. In
this context, social networking becomes a mechanism both used and applied by
grey literature communities in the processes of knowledge generation and
ensuing wealth creation. The Thirteenth International Conference on Grey
Literature is beholden to its title: The Grey Circuit, from Social
Networking to Wealth Creation. The imagery in the conference logo rekindles
the spirit of Franklin in which the uncontrolled discharge of lightening
transfers power to controlled networked circuits. Today, in the spirit of
science, grey literature communities are called to demonstrate their
know-how and merit to wider audiences by responding to the GL13

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